Friday, April 29, 2005

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:

The American West terminal in the Phoenix airport has a Paging Assistance Location. Large as life on the board was a page request for “Hugh Jayness”. I’m not kidding, it was the funniest thing I saw all day.

My flight out of the Bay Area was delayed by an hour; I missed second flight, so I got bumped to the next connection at 6:00 pm, which got me in around 10 instead of around 7. I was seriously BUMMED OUT by the delay and didn't end up getting to my hotel until close to midnight. Ugh.

There was lots more I was going to write about, but now I can’t remember it. Sorry. My notebook wasn't accessable. Em and I argued Wedsday morning. It sucked. I guess I was giving bad love again. Oh well.


Yes indeed—Thursday was good. A number of months ago, our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) moved out here, so walking into the office yesterday morning was a little like old-home week. It was great to see all the familiar faces.

I went out to lunch with an old friend (work friends reading this, Megan says hi!), and out to dinner with a new friend (the one I’m writing the course for).

But aside from the social aspect, the day was just GOOD. An hour after I arrived (checked my email, said my hellos, etc.), I went into an hour and a half long meeting which in and of itself made the whole trip worthwhile. I am absolutely ON THE BALL with this class! How exciting, and also what a relief.

Oh, and the dizziness is dissipating. I’m feeling better this evening than I was this morning, which is better than I was last evening, etc.


Just like my home office, I can’t blog from work. ((sigh)) I’ll catch up when I can. This is a bummer.

Again I'm having a very productive day. Yay! I really like being busy in a positive way.

I just realized though that my flight leaves tomorrow at 8:00 am. I'm supposed to drop off my rental car 2 hrs prior to departure time so I can take the shuttle from the rental car place to the actual airport (DFW is weird--the rental car location is WAAAAY far away). That means 6:00 am. I'm supposed to drop off my car, half an hour away from where I am now, at 6 am! Do the math with me people--that means I have to get up a 5:00 on a Saturday morning to pack & leave by 5:30. Shall we review the concept of time zones? Fuck yeah--that means I'm getting up at THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING California time!


I'm trying to change my flight now.

Sunday, I'm taking Emily to the zoo.

Are you guys being nice to each other?