Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spin Me

When I was in college, my thesis advisor used to tease me about being a "spin doctor". I don't know what he was referring to specifically the first time he said it, but generally speaking it was because of the way I interpreted names in literature.

For example, in The Scarlett Letter, I remember going on and on about Hester's daughter Pearl and how a pearl is only a semi-precious stone; she couldn't be precious because she wasn't pure enough. Then there was Hester's husband, Chillingsworth--a cold, cold, rich man. You make the connection.

I could go on like that for years. Hell, I did go on like that for years--that's how I earned my Master's Degree!

Anyway--all this brings me to the new Holy See: Pope Benedict XVI.

I know he's an ultra-conservative, and that really bums me out. He has had the ear of John Paul II for the last 20-something years though, so no one should really be surprised that he was chosen as successor (fastest succession vote in nearly 1000 years, I've heard).

So in order to make myself feel a little better (just a teensy bit), here's my spin on Il Papa:
--The first Pope Benedict held his position in the Medieval era--the darkest ages of the Catholic Church. He and his Benedictine Monks were the keepers of the faith, the ones who held together the notions of Catholicism. Whether you agree with their doctrine or not is irrelevant to this illustration.
--Pope Benedict XV was the pontiff during World War I. He worked hard for world peace, urging against war at every turn.
--My sincerest hope is that this Benedict will
(1) take the mantle from John Paul II and continue urging against the war in Iraq, as did his immediate predecessor by name, and
(2) that he will NOT continue widening the gap between conservative and liberal Catholics created by John Paul II; that is, that he will act as the original Benedict did by holding the church together rather than working toward further tearing it apart.


You all know I appreciate your comments and if I could I would respond to them. It seems that I have some unrecognized socket on (in?) my computer, or something equally foreign. I dunno. Computer crap--Pfft. I'm working hard to have this bullshit resolved ASAP. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and commenting even though I can't answer you (assuming anyone still is!).