Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oh Dizzy Hell!

When I awoke this morning at 5:00, I couldn't stand up. I mean, I could--and I did for a minute--but I kept tipping toward the left.

I made it to the bathroom and back to bed safely. Not sure how. Somewhere between the two places I decided this must be an equilibrium thing related to allergies and sinuses or something. Perhaps if I lay on my left side instead of my right everything would more or less even out.

So I layed down on my left side and the whole room began to spin. Wwwwhhhhooooooosh! 'Round and 'round until I thought I would vomit. Ugh...

I didn't go to work today. Instead, I went to see my doctor.

It seems that the insignificant cold I had about 4 weeks ago--you remember, the one that turned into pneumonia for my roommate and my mom--didn't, in fact, leave me in peace. The virus settled into my inner ear.

I've never had vertigo like this in my life and it's horrible.

The worst part? I can still fly. Dang. So my trip to Dallas tomorrow hasn't been cancelled after all.

I'm off to class now; I'll spin back by as soon as I can.