Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Here's the Scoop

It is official--I can not blog from work.

I can get into the dashboard to post, but I can't read posts or comments.

Between that and school, Monday is suddenly a very, very long day!


My mom is sick. Very sick. I'm distressed by it, because I'm leaving for Chicago tonight and have to leave her at home.

Thank GOD for sisters. Kate and her kids are coming up here with NO notice to spend the week taking care of our mom and helping out with Emily while I'm gone.

I'm still distressed by her illness. It started out as a garden-variety cold. Then it got worse and worse and worse. Now she has pneumonia. If we had waited one more day, her Doc would have put her in the hospital. As it is, we're not sure that won't happen anyway.

I'm a little scared for my mom. But truth be told (and forgive me for being so callous), I'm more scared for me. What will I do if something happens to my mom?


Play nice with each other people. I'll check in before I get on the plane tonight if I can, otherwise I'll be back with ya tomorrow evening.