Sunday, April 03, 2005

Good News, Bad News

I talked to my new boss on the phone Wednesday morning. She started the phone call with, “Well, I’m not really sure where to start”, so I interrupted her and said, “I have some news that may potentially derail this conversation, so perhaps I should start.”

Then I told her I started law school. Among other things, that means that even though a component of my job is up to 50% travel-time, I can’t travel during classes.


Her response? “Great! I hope you really enjoy it!”

(Ok, those of you who know the company—I’m talking to you Jena & Sharon—this is still confidential, so please don’t say anything yet!)

She went on to explain that she has 13 trainers now and 7 or 9 instructional designers, but she’s trying to change the process. As it stands now, the IDs “own” the projects, but she feels (and I wholeheartedly agree) that the trainers should own the projects. The trainers should be able to say, “I want this here, and this here, oh and get rid of this…”, then drop files on an IDs desk and say, “Make it pretty for me, please.”

So, with the new process in mind, she’s moving me to instructional design (but I’ll still report directly to her) with an eye toward being THE ID for the trainers from my old company (that is, the guys I’m working with right now). Bob, Dave & John will be my “Subject Matter Experts” and the project owners. I don’t have to move my office, I don’t have to travel, I don’t have to start working with or for a whole bunch of strangers. In a nutshell, I’m pretty dang happy with this change in events! Oh, and I might get a raise in August if they're satisfied with my work. Hee hee!

Whenever my weeks off school correspond with a quarterly training meeting in Chicago, I can still go if I want to. I don’t have to, but I can if I want to. Did you hear that? I don’t HAVE to travel anymore, but if I WANT to go to Chicago for a week of “team building” (and at *least* one dinner out with Katey the Peon!), I can. Wow, how cool.

I will have to go for some training in the next month or so, but the new boss has made it clear that she won’t interfere with my school schedule. How cool is that?!

There’s a whole lot more (we did, after all, talk for 45 minutes), but that’s the basic idea—I’ve been made happy at work again. Yay!


Now here’s the not-so-good news:
I can not access blogger from work. I mean, sometimes I can get in and read posts, and every once in a blue moon I can see blogger comments, but Halo Scan and Comment This comments just simply DO NOT show up. At all.

If that wasn’t annoying enough, now our computer at home is kaput. Don’t ask—I have no idea.

That means I’m gonna be incommunicado for a while. If you want to chat, try IM (during work hours), or send me an email (that I will only receive during work hours). Please know I’m not ignoring you or your comments. I’ll be back ASAP.