Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Shorts

I hate not being able to read or leave comments. It's very alienating. I miss you guys.

I guess this is a preview to what life is going to look like when I'm fully into law school. ((sigh)) I am loving my classes this semester--at least while I'm busy missing all of you that's a good thing in my world. And there's Em, she's a good thing, too. And my sisters.

I still miss you guys.


I'm going to Dallas next week. It's a very short trip on very short notice, but I will be staying over Friday night (it's too hard to get home at 1 am or whatever).

Unlike the Chicago trip, this one promises to be much more fruitful. I'm actually almost looking forward to it!

Brighton--check your email.


I donated blood this morning in the mobile blood van at work. Is there really any such thing as an altruistic action? I mean, I say I do it for all the right and good reasons, but really I do it because it makes me feel good (righteous?), so does it count as altruistic if it's making me feel good?

It got me thinking about the folks I see every 8 weeks in the blood mobile. There's a certain kind of camaraderie among those employees--like we all know we're doing something worthy and we know we deserve extra kudos.

The trip home from Chicago last week flashed into my mind. There was a similar feeling of "we're all together" on the flight into San Francisco. It occurred to me that "destination" flights, like Las Vegas, Hawaii, or New Orleans, do have that spirit of one-ness. It made me secretly very pleased to know I live in a "destination" place. That's so cool.


I have a small handful of "best friends"--one of them (the maid of honor from the wedding last October) is moving to Portland, Oregon. She's leaving tomorrow. Her birthday is the next day and she has vowed to get there before that.

I'm terribly, selfishly sad for me, but she's so excited about the move I can't help but be excited for her. I love her very much and am glad she's doing something that's making her so happy, but I'm going to miss her more than I think she realizes.


I hit the "next blog" button a few weeks ago and stumbled across the blog of a young woman in Kansas whom I adore. She's a single mom, full time student, and a surrogate mom for (I assume) a gay couple. She's also witty, smart, a good writer, and a nice person.

I haven't linked her on my sidebar yet for two pseudo reasons but no real reason. She's a tough cookie--if any of my friends from here went over there and slammed her for what she's doing, she can handle herself, but I don't want to be the person sending hate her way. Also, I sort of have this silly feeling like she's "mine"--my find, my friend. How silly is that?

If anyone's interested in reading about the not-quite-daily goings-on of a surrogate mom, let me know and I'll either send you her link or I'll link her up on my sidebar.


Well, to alleviate the pain of losing my Kimberly, I'm going to hang out with one of my other best friends tomorrow. She's a Creative Memories consultant and is hosting National Scrapbook Day early 'cause that's the day that works best for all of us. I'm going to play with scissors and glue and tacks and brads and pictures and ink all day long! Wheeeeeeeeeeee...........

I hope you all have brilliantly beautiful weekends. Bye!