Sunday, April 10, 2005

2 things I nearly forgot

1. When I asked Emily the other day if she wanted to go to dinner with Jena's family and then to her house to watch a movie, I got a resounding, "YES!", but the best part was this:
"Oh, and a movie, Mommy? Don't forget your needing!" (knitting).
What a sweetheart.

2. Thursday evening as we pulled into our driveway, the ice cream truck came around the corner, so Emily got her very first treat from the ice cream truck. She was so excited she didn't even know how to choose one. The best part was that when she was describing the experience to her Nana and Bai-Yah (my roommate Jessica and my mom), I realized she thinks of "The Ice Cream Man" as a title--sort of like "The Easter Bunny" or "Santa"... like there's only ONE. Very, very cute.

I'm feeling much better today, but not 100% yet. I have to go do homework. Happy Sunday.