Saturday, March 12, 2005

So Far...

Thursday was uneventful. The drive to Kate's went quickly and we arrived around 1:30. She had lunch waiting for us, and the kids played for the remainder of the day. Uneventful, but nice.

Yesterday we hung out at home all morning, then after lunch we went to the beach. It was a typical California early-spring day at the beach: a little bit overcast, a little bit windy, not many people. Very pleasant.

Last night, my dad came over to join us for dinner. Mom and I have been scrapbooking family photos so I called him the other day and asked him to dredge out the slides for us. He did--Yay!--and brought 2 carousels with him. So after dinner, we looked at slides of Alaska, New Orleans, Turkey, Greece, Jerusalem, Beirut, France... all those places we went when our folks were married. Some GREAT pictures there! I'm going to make prints & digital images of all the ones I want to keep and I'll post them later.

(Aside: I'm going to open a Flickr account in the next few days--when I do, I'll link it on my sidebar. It will have all the pics above, as well as others I find interesting or wonderful, and also pics of my crafts, like the sweater I'm almost done with for Emily and some better scrapbook pages.)

After the slides, Dad took all three kids to his house for an hour and a half. Woo Hoo! Kate, Jeff, my Mom and I watched a movie. (It was unremarkable and I may comment on it at a later time, but it would bring down the voice of this post if I talk about it now.) It was just so pleasant to have a whole hour and a half of silence--I only wish Kate didn't have a headache the whole time. (As we were leaving the beach, she banged her head on the trunk latch 'cause the hatchback wasn't all the way up, then she was headachy and dizzy all evening, so we spent some time watching her to make sure she didn't have a concussion. She's fine (whew!).)

We slept, now we're awake. Robin's birthday party is today. His birthday isn't until Thursday, but I have a Dr. appt on Friday that I couldn't change, so they're having his party this weekend instead of next. Pretty cool, huh? I have a sore throat, but I'm hoping it's not the start of being sick, maybe just a morning thing....

Ok, I'm off to have a day. Have a good weekend each of you. xoxo