Friday, March 25, 2005

Sewing Room and Computer Woes

Sometimes I hate computers.

I'm working on rearranging my sewing room so it's less crowded. Yeah, I actually took stuff out of the room. Anyway, while moving something (NOT my computer!), I bumped into the computer power strip and turned it off. Oops.

No biggie, right? Just turn the power back on, turn the computer back on, and voila--we'll be good to go. Pfft. Fucking think took me until almost 9:00 last night to get back online.

So now I am, but our wireless network is down. I'm gonna have to work on that today. All I really want to do is get this room finished!

Here's what we've done so far:
*We re-organized all our books and got rid of quite a few, which enabled us to empty out two bookshelves and move them into our storage unit (thus clearing off one whole wall).

New Wall

*We re-organized our cassettes, albums, and CDs, got rid of some, and moved a tall bookshelf into the place where a shorter one had been. That enabled us to bring in a stereo and to set up our printer in a not-so-out-of-the-way place. Thank goodness!

Computer Station

*We moved the TV out from in front of one bookshelf to the space where the taller bookcase had been. Lots of new space there!

(no picture of that mess...)

*Hung up ALL our thread holders--and although it fills up nearly the whole wall, it's a good use of our space, considering this is, after all, the SEWING ROOM! (Don't even talk to me about the mess--we're working on it...)

Thread Racks

*In total, we've taken 4 bookcases out of this room, reorganized what's left, hung up our large button box and 5 thread-holders, and now we just have to put everything back away 'cause it looks like a freaking tornado has hit this place!

Just as we were finishing up with organizing our books, this happened:
Oh Crap


I guess our work is cut out for us today. ((groan))

(By the way, if you click on a picture, it'll take you to the origination site where you can see notes & stuff. Very cool thing.)