Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Afternoon

This coming Friday, my roommate and I will celebrate our nine year anniversary of living together. Or maybe it’s nine years and one month. Neither of us can remember if she looked at the house in February or move into the house in February. Well, whatever. She’s been the best roommate ever and I’ll be very sad when she moves out (she’s been looking—but that’s an entirely different post).

Oh, and last Monday, her divorce was final! She left her ex-husband about 14 years ago, but never bothered to get a divorce. Now that she has her inheritance from her mother, it’s more important than it was before, so it’s done.

In honor of those two events, my mom, my best friend Kimberly, and I are supposed to take Jess out for dinner tonight. But mom and Jess have been gardening all day today. And when I say all day, I mean ALL day! It’s about 4:30 now; they’ve been out there since 8:30 or so. I’m anticipating a request for take out—I don’t think anyone wants to get dressed & washed to go out for dinner.

Oh, but while they were out buying more soil for the garden, my mom left me in charge of the dinner rolls for tomorrow night’s graze (with my other best friend, Jena). I couldn’t remember though if I was supposed to grease the muffin pans and her recipe is far too old to have reference to anything like cooking spray, so I called Kate.

We talked and talked and talked. I’m making rolls, she made doughnuts this morning. Our lemon tree isn’t doing so well, her orange tree is in blossom. Mom and Jess are going to plant the veggies tomorrow (or, you know, whenever the new dirt is worked in), she and the kids planted their garden during the last week. Her comment about the orange tree though sent me on a little trip:

It was this time of year, the first early spring after Emily was born (a particularly difficult time in my life), and I was driving on the 237 between the east bay and the peninsula. All my windows were down, "A Prairie Home Companion" was playing on the radio, and I was suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of orange blossoms. Not oranges. Orange *blossoms*.

At that instant, I was overcome with this peaceful feeling and I knew, just knew deep in my soul, that everything was going to be ok.

The next thought that flashed through my mind while making tomorrow night’s dinner rolls is “Gosh, I hope Nanner has a moment like that on her long drive this week.” Not that she needs clarity. She’s one of the more together, clear-headed people I know. Just that it was such a very pleasant thing in the midst of what might otherwise be an uneventful, unexciting drive. Nanner—I hope that on your trip you have something special and wonderful happen that will make you smile whenever you think about it years later.

Well, all I’ve done all day besides spend 30 minutes of quality time with yeasty-bready-goodness is read law school text books (yeah, homework due the first night of classes) and nap.

Oh, but I did want to mention this one last thing. My sister Teri gave me and my mom some Peppermint and Tea Tree hand soap for Christmas. It’s in our kitchen. It is, without question, the most wonderful soap in the whole universe and I want more of it!

I’m almost done with the sewing room re-do. All that’s left now is to clean off the countertop. I’ll post a picture of the room when it’s completed. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.