Saturday, March 19, 2005

One More Week

I saw my Doctor yesterday so she could release me back to work. I'm not going back this Wednesday, rather I'll be returning on Monday the 28th. The same day my classes start. Boy am I going to be exhausted that week!


A couple of months ago, my dad bought a Kirby vaccuum. When Kate borrowed it the first time, he had to give her the whole schpiel (of course **groan**). Last weekend, after Em and Robin had some alone play time together, Emily told me the following--I can only assume it was a result of the Kirby conversation: "Mommy, we have invisible bugs that live in our heads and eat our hair. They're called Mikes."

[Hi Mike!]


I'm almost done with Emily's sweater--just have to knit in the right and left plackets, sew on the buttons (which I have yet to buy), and weave in the hanging threads. It'll be done by Easter. Yay!

Julie, just for you m'dear, I have created and linked a blog with pictures of my various sewing and knitting projects. It's right over there ---> under the link that says "Aimee's Picture Blog (Crafts & Stuff)". The sweater update is there for ya.


Happy Weekend, everyone. See you next week...