Monday, March 21, 2005


Emily didn't nap today at pre-K. That's a good thing usually because it means she'll go to bed on time (more or less) in the evening. Tonight, however, despite the alligator yawns, she would NOT go to bed. I couldn't get her to stay in bed for love nor money (nor fear of threats, "I'm going to start counting!"). Aargh!

On the plus side, at least we had a really good evening before we did the go-to-bed routine. I called the house phone from my cell phone, my mom handed Em the phone while I was in the kitchen and I talked to her from the other room. She was in hysterics!

About 5 minutes later, our roommate called from her cell phone. Emily was literally pounding on the walls yelling, "This is just CRAZINESS!" and laughing her head off.

Another 5 minutes, my mom called from my cell. I thought Em was going to cry or bust something, she was laughing so hard. God it was funny to watch her. "Now go in the other room and whisper--Hahahahaha! I can still hear you!!!"

And then, after the 3 hours of "get your 4-year old ass in bed!" arguments, we have something along the lines of this:
(see post directly below)
It's a beautiful thing. For all that she's such a big girl now, when she falls asleep, she still does that baby lip-sucking thing. I love that noise so much. God--she's just my world, ya know?