Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Done and Done

I finished Emily's sweater today, but it's HUGE on her. Drat. So much for making it big so it'll last a while.

Anyway, she was a bit disappointed (in her words, "I'm kinda bummed out, Mom"), so she asked if I would find the sweater I made for her last fall. I never bothered to finish it because she absolutely wouldn't have anything to do with it. Said she hated it. Besides, it was too big on her, too.

Well I found it, finished it (which really only consisted on putting buttons on it--she picked them out), and it fits her like a dream!

So all this is to say that while I started the day excited at the prospect of finishing this for my little bird, I ended the day excited at having also finished this.

(For more pictures of each, please refer to the photo blog.)

Oh yeah, I also went back to the yarn shop today and bought some fabulous silk/wool blend yarn to knit into a woman's top. I'm looking forward to it, so I think I'll go knit now. Bye!