Tuesday, February 15, 2005


My dad sent me a beautiful basket of flowers. Perhaps I'll post a picture of them tomorrow. They really are beautiful and I was surprised 'cause he's not a flower-sending sort of guy.

But what really surprised me was this:

...which I unwrapped to find hand made truffles, a silk flower bouquet (which will look so pretty in my frilly, girly bedroom!), mmmmmm black tea--the only kind I like--and a great book called "Get Well Soon" full of sayings (my scrapbooking friends will understand why I'm gonna love this book so much).

The card says "Get well soon! From Bunsen and The Peon (aka Regan and Katey).

So you tell me--how freaking cool is that?!

Oh yeah: And on VALENTINE'S DAY, no less! HA! You guys ROCK.

Ok, seriously, I love you two. xoxoxoxo