Thursday, February 10, 2005


I slept 5 hours in my bed last night. Five whole hours on my back or my side. That was all I could handle being flat, so I moved to the "comfy chair" in the living room and sleep another 4 1/2 there. I woke up with all my muscles across my belly, back and shoulders screaming in tense pain. Hello ibuprofin.

This morning I checked my blog, checked my email, took a shower (such as it was--short and sweet, but it involved soap & water so it counts), and then after my mom helped me dress, we went shopping!


You mean I'm not supposed to shop when I'm 48 hours post-op? We went to Target and I rode around in that little electronic cart thingy. I caught myself in one of the wall mirrors while we shopped and can I just say there is NO WAY to sit in those carts without looking like a 400 pound beached whale. I'm serious. I mean, I know I'm swollen from surgery and probably didn't look my all time best, but come on--I didn't have to look THAT bad!

Anyway--we bought some sweat pants then went out for a quick lunch (Ha--as if I can do anything quickly). Right as we arrived home, about 2:00, one of my best friends showed up to give my mom a break for part of the afternoon. Shortly after she arrived, another good friend came. We visited for a while, I slept a bit while they visited (which is why I encouraged them to come at the same time), we walked to the end of the block and back together, I fell asleep again, then they left around 4:45. While they were here, my mom was able to run out to the grocery store and start working in the front yard a bit--which was the whole point.

After they left, I blogged again for about 10 minutes, had dinner, and my other best friend came over to hang out.

It doesn't sound like much, but I'm fucking exhausted. It's 9:15 and I've had a full day of falling asleep on my friends. (Hahahaha).

Tomorrow I'm going to take it a little easier. Maybe I'll have more "Sitting Up" time in me to blog a bit more. That would be nice. If not though, I'll see you the day after, or perhaps the day after that. Either way, I'm around for a while now and happy to know you're out there. :)

Hugs to you all.