Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Last night I was trying to explain to Emily what "Standard of Living" means. You know, just sort of conceptually--as a way of explaining why I'll be gone so many evenings (in law school). After talking about it for maybe 5 minutes, I asked, "So, Honey, do you understand what that means for us?", to which she replied, "Yeah. You'll have to buy a bigger wallet."



I got called into a training class today. I'm sneaking out this post before I go back in from lunch. I'm glad, 'cause it gives me something to do for the next 2 days, but OH MY GOD! The Course Developer who wrote this has a PhD--to look at it, you'd be surprised she got through an AA. It is horrid!

And the worst part is it's not a new class, it's a "Differences" class--that is, the only changes that need to be reflected in these course materials are the differences between the previous software and hardware releases and the current releases. Nothing else should have been touched.

Well, she "touched", and boy oh boy did she fuck it up.

Hmph. Maybe I won't get laid off afterall, maybe they'll let me do course development instead. That would be kinda cool. :)

Back to the grind. Talk to y'all later.