Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Thursday Mini Post

Ok, quickly, last night (Tuesday) I went to what was supposed to be orientation for law school. Thing is, none of the speakers talked about LAW. I was expecting something like, "When you become a lawyer, you can choose to practice civil law or criminal law. You can be a litigation attorney, or..." blah, blah blah.

What I got instead is a butt-load of egotistical, "In My Career I've Done..." bullshit.

Doesn't matter though. I'm still starting in March. I have an intake appointment on Friday.

Tomorrow, however (Thursday), I'll be going to myriad doctors appointments all over hell and back getting ready for surgery next Tuesday. So, my little lovelies, that means I won't be around. Not here, not on IM, and not on email.

But if Em is nice to me, I'll check back in tomorrow night.

Hugs & Kisses. See you Friday.