Monday, February 07, 2005

Outta Here

Ok--I'm going to pack myself and Emily now. I leave at 6:00 tomorrow morning, check into the hospital at 6:45, and have surgery scheduled for 8:00.

I'm scared. It would be a stupid lie to say otherwise. I'm reassured by the knowledge that this is a routine surgery for my doctor (of course, it's not routine for me--I've never had it done before!).

It might be late Wednesday that I log back in, but more likely it'll be Thursday. Umm, but don't hold me to that.

However, just for you guys, my fantastic sister Kate has my password and she has graciously agreed to put up a short post after the surgery is complete to let you know how much they took out and how I'm doing.

Y'all be nice. I'll be back soon--and I'll be no less a woman, which means I'll kick your ass if you're mean to each other!