Friday, February 25, 2005

Oh Wow, AGAIN!

A couple days ago as my mom and I were driving home from somewhere, we saw a UPS truck and said we wanted him to come to our house to bring us presents that we didn't have to buy for ourselves.

Imagine our surprise--ok, well, really just my surprise, when I got a box from Mr. UPS the next day!

I opened the box and found this:

I opened the tin and found this:

It contains 2 deliciously, decadent soaps (one bar and one liquid), as well as 2 sumptuous lotions (mmmmmm), and a special face cream. Oh, and the whole tin was sitting on top of a box full of beautiful potpourri.

Now I don't know if our lovely Mistress Sloth has had major surgery and knows from experience, or if it was just a really good guess, but I tell ya this was the perfect timing for the perfect gift. The day before yesterday as I was getting dressed I realized how DRY I had become without my daily routine of lotions and potions. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you, Sloth; thank you so much for your thoughtful kindness! **SMOOCHES**