Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Sorry I'm sucking at answering my comments lately. I just have limited time I'm comfortable sitting at the computer so I've been using it visiting other sites. Anyway, I love & appreciate all the thoughts from you all. Thanks.


Yesterday morning, my mom and Emily and I took Kate and her children out for breakfast. While waiting for our food to arrive, the kids colored. Emily, ever the non-conformist, wasn't interested in coloring on the front of the placemat, she preferred to make her own picture on the back.

Em: "Mommy, I'm making a picture of Katie."

Me: "My sister Katie?"

Em: "NO! That's Kate. Your friend Katey."

Me: "Oh, I'm sure she'll like that."

Em: "Yeah. Does she have straight hair or curly hair?"

Me: "Straight."

Em: "Ok."

She finished drawing and then said, "Here mommy, here's your friend Katey so you never have to remember how she looks like" and handed me this:

I think it's a pretty good depiction, don't you?