Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Aimee's Ok

Kate says:

I just heard from my mom and Aimee did fine. She's been out of surgery for an hour now (it's 12:40) and she's in recovery for the next few hours. Everything went fine, no problems.


I'll hear more later this afternoon and I'll update with more info then.

Update: 3:45pm

Ok, Aimee gets to keep her left ovary!! Everybody say YAY!

I'm sure she'll go into more detail later on when she's up and blogging again, but I'll tell you a bit. The doctor sent a scope in through her belly button first to see what was up inside her and discovered all sorts of stuff having to do with her c-section. She'll elaborate more on that later. Then doctor went in through her c-section scar and removed her uterus, right ovary and fallopian tube.

She's really tired (I talked with her briefly and she could hardly hold the phone up) and from what I understand she'll be really tired for a while. So I'll update if she asks me to, but this will be it until Aimee is back up and ready to write.

Thanks for the good thoughts for my sister. She really is special.