Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Mini Post: Update to New Year, etc.

Short version of New Year’s Eve: By the time Em and I arrived at Kate’s house, the shit storm had already blown by. It turned out that Benj wasn’t avoiding Kate because he was pissed off, he was avoiding her because he was embarrassed.

They spoke briefly. From what I was told, Kate basically pointed out to him that although he didn’t grow up with any siblings, he does have three sisters. He may not be accustomed to typical sibling bickering/fighting/whatever, but if he really does intend to become an active member of this family, he needs to get used to it. Just because we disagree or get pissed doesn’t mean we’re going to stop loving him.

So, that was that. I never did end up having a conversation with him—he didn’t make himself available (go figure!). On the night of January 1st, when we all did presents at my dad’s house, he was unconscionably rude to every single member of the family! Before he left to go to a meeting, he asked if we’d still be there at 9:30, then walked out the door without saying goodbye. When we left at 10:45, he still wasn’t home, so we never did get to say goodbye to him (Em and I left town the next morning). Whatever. He’s a dork.

I’ve ordered the Barron’s LSAT review book and registered for the LSAT exam in June. I’ve also made an appointment for February 1st with the law school where I’ll be applying. Classes start March 28 (I know it sounds backward, but if an incoming student already has a master’s degree, they give up to 4 months after classes begin for the student to pass the LSAT). I’m nervous as hell, but also really ready to do this. It’ll be good for me and even better for Em.

Oh, and I’ve also already asked one of my good friends to write a letter of recommendation. I’m not sure who to ask for the second one; I’m thinking on it.

I have about a gazillion things swimming in my head today.

One of my best friends called me last night—her fiancé is sick. Really sick. He might have Hodgkin’s. CRAP. We won’t know for a couple more weeks. Put ‘em in your prayers, if that’s something you do.

Again, thanks for your comments on the last post; sorry I didn’t reply. I’m having a hard time focusing.

Ok, I can’t focus on this post properly either. I’ll post more later.