Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Kansas City--The Rest of It

After we hooked up with Jamie, we got a Plaza map from the concierge and decided to walk to the Plaza for some lunch—there were a number of restaurants that seemed fairly close-by. Ok, at the risk of harping on this yet again, do you have any idea how far three blocks is when you’re freezing your ass off? Dang! So we stopped at the first place we came to, Tomfooleries. Fortunately for us, it was a great place. Our hostess was sweet as cherry pie, and our waiter had to be queer as a three dollar bill (God I loved him!). The food was good, the drinks were better, and the company was the BEST!

After lunch, the five of us walked back to the hotel. We lounged for maybe a minute or two before Jamie started dropping bags on our laps. She bought a charm bracelet for each woman on the trip with a “friend” charm, another set of two which were, “K C”, and another individual one for each of us, all different (Brat, Diva, Boys, Mom, and... oops, I don’t remember the other one). We have a picture of them:

Then Celti busted out the ankle bracelets that *she* made for everyone! Unfortunately, we have no pictures of them, which sucks ‘cause they’re all very different and all very cool.

Shortly after that, Pup and Katey finally arrived. I was unpacking my suitcase when they arrived, so I think I was the last person to give hugs and hellos. I hugged Katey first—she was so much more *real* than I expected. I hope that doesn’t come off condescending. We’ve chatted a number of times on IM, quite a bit on email, and even on the phone a time or two, but she still surprised me. Katey is bubbly, cute (but not in a depreciating way, she has a great smile), funnier than shit, and really smart/intuitive about people. As with Regan, I never felt like I got enough one-on-one time with her, but I did feel like we had a spark. We connected on some level that made me believe she and I are going to be friends for a long, long time. That was cool.

Then I gave Pup a hug—or rather, he gave me a hug. I think I was too stunned to move much. Of everyone I met last weekend, he was without question the biggest surprise to me. I was expecting someone much smaller (well, you know, someone like a 1’ bear!), so his height and size had me floored (he must be at LEAST 5’10”, and while he’s not fat at all, he is broad). Seriously, I was expecting someone about 5’5” (maybe 5’6”), maybe 150lbs. And I was expecting him to have a baby-face. Why? I have no idea! But I couldn’t have been more wrong. ANYWAY...I’m sure I could write a novel on how he was NOT what I expected, but that’s boring. He and I didn’t spend any one-on-one time together, but while I was scoping out his movies, books, and music collection on Saturday evening, I saw some deep glimmers of who he might be and there's definitely potential for a solid friendship there. Or at minimum, he has good taste! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot… I’m about the pickiest eater in the world, and every single thing he made for dinner was FANTASTIC! That earned him HUGE points in my book!

But I digress...

We settled in to the hotel easily, some time shortly after we were ALL together, someone busted out the booze. I have no idea what this is:

...but I think it has something to do with alcohol. Anyway, it was funny to watch. (That’s Katey, Pup, Regan, and Jamie, BTW.)

Nanner-peach was a sleepy-butt. Too excited the night before? Who knows. Friday afternoon was pretty laid back all the way around, I think we were all tired from lack of sleep due to the anticipation, but seriously, I don’t think anyone was as tired as Nanner. She laid herself right down onto the floor of the living room and crashed right out!

Around 8:00 or 8:30, we decided we really ought to get some dinner if we were going to, so we headed out to load into the cars. Little did we know what we were getting in to... Now, in Pup’s defense, he *is* new to Kansas City (or maybe he really did just want to show us the sights). The Friday evening drive was the ONLY drive that was sane—no boobies, no honking, no opening doors at stop-lights. We’ll get to that stuff later!

Pup took us to a fantastic BBQ rib place. I can’t tell you much more about dinner, except that it was WONDERFUL! Oh yeah, and that’s where we talked about all of YOU guys! That’s right, all you bloggers—we talked about you ALL. Start blushing here. (hee hee!). Oh, what did we say? Uh, well, see, this is where we get to tell you “None of your Business”; this is where “What goes on the road stays on the road” comes into play for the first time. ;) Deal with it.

Sometime during dinner, we were discussing the “three things” lists so many of us did the week before last. (Damn thing—glad that’s over with.) Anyway, it came out that Nanner really does “speak” sign language. So after dinner, when we went to a sports bar (possibly so Pup could prove to his friends that he really did have a date with 6 woman at one time, or perhaps merely so he could borrow enough dishes to feed us all the next night—I guess we’ll never know...), I couldn’t hear a damn thing. It was quite convenient to be able to turn to Nanner, sign whatever I needed, and have her interpret for me. Because of that, it was one of my more enjoyable bar experiences. (Thanks, Peachly-One!)

We didn’t stay at the bar for long (much to Jamie crackwhore’s chagrin), instead we went back to the hotel where we proceeded to stay up way too late, drink far too much, and have an overall very enjoyable evening.

Saturday morning, Pup stayed at home (well, at least we assume he did) while the six girls went shopping on the Plaza.

No one really wants to read details of our shopping extravaganza, do you?

Oh, you do?

Well then!

We went to Eddie Bauer, Halls, Tiffany’s, J.Jill, Saks 5th Avenue, Swarovski Crystal, and Williams-Sonoma, to name just a few places. Around noon, we started getting hungry and decided to head home. Some folks were in a car and others had walked. I wanted to go to the best fabric store in the world on my way home, and so did Nanner, so we agreed to meet them back at the hotel, where we’d make a grocery list, hit the store, then have some lunch.

Well, an hour and a half later, while Nanner and I were enjoying a Latte, my cell phone rang. Oops! It was the other 4 gals, they were at the store already and wondered if we wanted anything. It turned out they never went back to the hotel (whew!), as they, too, got wrapped up playing in another cool store.

Fast forward a few hours. We’ve all eaten lunch, Pup has arrived, he was unsuccessful at dropping Jamie in the pool (she’ll give you the details on that), and someone decided we needed to go to a porn shop before dinner. So we wrapped up in our warm coats, etc., piled into the cars, and headed out. It was this ride when we TRULY got the experience of just how poor Pup is with directions. It was this ride when Jamie flipped down her visor to pick a CD and Regan said, with an absolute deadpan voice, “Oh, put on CD-R, they’re my favorite band!”. It was on this ride when Nanner handed her camera to Jamey in the front seat and Jamie snapped this picture of Katey, Inanna, and me:

...without even looking into the lens! Good shot, Jamers!

On this particular ride, Jamie was driving, Regan was in the front seat, and Katey, Nanner and I were squished in the back (as you can clearly see... duh). Katey jumped in with us at the last minute so that Pup and Celti would have some time together (wasn’t that nice?). But the ride HOME from the porn shop, that was, I believe, the car trip that solidified everything for us. On the ride home, Katey rode with Pup and Celti. At every stop light, she would open her door, and Jamie would respond by honking madly. Somewhere along the route, it changed from opening the car door, to jumping out and flashing us! Wooot!!

When we got back to the hotel, Jamie shot the pics of Regan using her new toy on everything. I don’t remember what we did then; I don’t think we stayed there very long before leaving for Pup’s.

On the way to Pup’s, Celti was in his car with Katey again and joined in the fun as well. We got MORE than an eyeful from her, as her bra came *this close* to coming off with her shirt during the flash!

Wow—so much boobage!

We had to stop for gas in Jamie’s car on the way to Pup’s. I have no idea what came over her, musta been all the love… Katey hopped out of Pup’s car, ran over to Jamie’s, lifted her shirt, and rubbed her boobs all over the window mere INCHES from my head! Oooh, I got woozy it was so beautiful. (hahahaha!)

Alright, this has been going on and on and on. Let’s end now by reiterating that Pup is a fantabulous cook, he does NOT have any Rick Springfield in his music collection, he inspires women to flash freely:

...and to drunk-blog whenever they want:

Overall, I have to say, this was a fantastic weekend all the way around.

Questions? Comments? As Katey said, “Too bad!”

~~evil laugh~~