Sunday, January 09, 2005

Doing What I Can. **UPDATED**

I've been sewing wedding dresses for about 19 years now, and pardon my ego (she always gets loud when I talk about my sewing), but I do a damn fine job.

When Inanna put the word out that she was going to make quilts for Savannah and her older brother EJ, I thought, "Well, what a great way to help them out!", so I bravely volunteered to make a square or two. I figured, heck, with my sewing experience, a couple of quilt squares will be a piece of cake; I'll whip those out in an hour or so!

Ok, folks, lest any of you think the same as I used to, quilting is NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS! If you have a favorite quilt made by a grandma or great aunt or whomever, cherish it, 'cause I can promise you, it ain't gonna be easy to replace, and I'm not just talking about the memories.

(Are all you quilters nodding your heads and thinking--"Yup, we knew that. Sassy-pants Aimee, thinking you're so 'all that'! Ha; that'll teach you!"? Ok, well if you are thinking that, thanks for not saying it out loud. I'm suitably humbled.)

Right, so, please pretend I have not been a professional seamstress for nearly 20 years when you look at the following pictures (the first 2 are for Savannah's quilt, the second 2 for EJ's):

This quilt square is china silk (pink) and the sashing is cotton. The top pannel is not sewn onto this square or any of the others below, because apparently you're not supposed to sew the sashings across the tops of the squares until you have them all ready to assemble (or something like that--who knew?!).

This is a cotton square with more of the china silk as a border. It's kind of washed out looking in this picture--it's a cute periwinkle paisley pattern.

This is a satin square with a cotton border.

And finally, this one is cotton/cotton--I love the center fabric!

Anyway--I hope both kids like the quilts when they're finished, and I hope I haven't massacred the bits I've done so they're actually usable. I can't wait to see the fabrics Trashman is sending to Inanna; I think we're going to try to piece some of his fun fabrics together to make the backings. Should be interesting!

It's going to be a VERY busy week Monday-Wednesday. I'll see you when I can.


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