Monday, January 03, 2005

2004 Calendar

Whenever I remember, I try to write on the calendar cute or funny things that Em says.

Here are some excerpts from our 2004 calendar:

Jan 26: "I'm not made of wood, I'm made of real!"

Jan 30: My mom said, "Emily, your room is a frigging mess!" to which Emily replied, "I know! I broke it up myself!"

Feb 5: Angry about having to go to bed, Emily cried, "You're not pretty anymore, you're just handsome!" (So hard not to laugh)

Feb 23: Em and I showered together, but she didn't want a towel when done. It was *cold*. Em said, "Mommy, I'm shimmering."

Mar 30: Upon putting Em to bed for the FOURTH time, I said, "Don't cry at me. You know it's bedtime." Em's response: "Mom, you're giving me bad love."

Apr 3: My mom asked, "Where did you live your last few lives, do you remember?" Em answered, "Yeah, but I'm here now."

May 26: Em brought me the very first present she ever picked out all by herself. She had my mom buy a Sponge Bob Square Pants video for me. Hilarious!

(I guess we had a busy summer, because the next entry isn't until September)

Sept 6: Orange fish died so we had a funeral in the garden. Emily prayed ("God, take care of Mr. Orange Fish"), then she sang "Daisy, Daisy", the only song she knew all the words to at the time. She cried for about a minute, asked if she could "Abra-two-dabra" him back, then asked for a guinea pig.

Sept 25: [Background--in our last house, there were nesting mourning doves in our eaves right next to the chimney. Em called them "Oolips" and they scared the crap out of her.] Em said, out of the blue, "Mommy, I'm not afraid of oolips anymore, so let's build a fireplace."

Dec 2: Em on the phone with my dad, "If I wanted to talk on the phone and Bai-Yah [my mom] didn't let me, then my heart would be broken!"

Ok, that's a bit of a cop-out post, but I wanted to memorialize these tidbits before I throw away my old calendar. I'll write about the weekend soon. It was uneventful. Anticlimactic you might even say. Hmph.

Happy New Year, my friends. Now let's get back to normal, shall we?