Thursday, December 16, 2004


From Kate:
1. Um, Gangs of New York.
Oh, ok. I don’t think I’ve even heard of this one, but I’ll add it to the list.

2. His Dark Materials (actually 3 books).
Do you have them? May I borrow them?

3. Rufus Wainright (I think I spelled that right).
I think I’ve heard him at your house.

What are you getting me for xmas?
Hahahaha! I have no freaking idea.

What is my favorite color?
All the colors of the ocean (greens, greys, blues)

Will you take me to get a pedicure when I come see you?


From Just me:
A) Hmmmm....
1.Big Fish
2.Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman

3.Tori Amos CD Little Earthquakes

Cool, cool, and cool; I’ll add them all to my lists!

B)How do you like living in California?
I like it, but I wish it wasn’t so darn expensive. I love not having to deal with humidity in the summer and snow in the winter. I love that I one day I can go to the ocean or to the ski slopes. I love Northern California specifically because it’s so very left-thinking, and I find that I’m more comfortable when I surround myself with like-minded people.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I’d go back to Ireland in a heartbeat. But if I had to pick somewhere I’ve never been, I’d say Scotland.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Ever since I was in the 8th grade, I wanted to be an English Teacher. And I was for about a minute, until I got so disgusted by the politics that I quit.


From JP:
A. 1. The Runaway Jury - Grisham's book done right. John Cusack is great in this movie.
2. Working on the Edge - Spike Walker - very engrossing story about life as an Alaskan crab fisherman.
3. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream - listened to this cd every day in college and it still holds up today.
Wow—they all sound like great suggestions; thanks!

B. 1. What did you get the little un for Christmas?
I got her a couple pairs of pajamas (boring), but I made her some Disney Princess costumes: Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (from Aladdin), Arial (from the Little Mermaid) and Cinderella. I hope she loves them.

2. Will you still love me tomorrow?
Honey, any man who can quote Carole King to me has earned my love for all eternity.

3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
[I am an owl] A-one, a-to-who, a-thrrree, *Crunch*. Thrrree.


From Esther (3sth3r):
movie : shawshank redemption.
OWN IT, Love it!

book : city of joy by dominique lapierre.
Sounds wonderful…

music : anything by era (gothic chants).
Ooh, sounds like great “background” music while I’m sewing. Thank you!

1) would you ever consider emigrating to another country?
I’d go to Ireland in a heartbeat. Possibly Scotland, Wales, and maybe even England, and if there was a compelling reason, I’d go to Canada. Other than that, I can’t imagine why I’d want to leave “home” (i.e.: family).

2) if you could have chosen, would you have liked to have more brothers/sisters?
Nope. Any more sisters would have changed the dynamic we have and that’s pretty much perfect. Sometimes though I wish we didn’t have a brother.

3) your favourite thing to do when no-one is around
Blog. Really!


From Bunsen:
1. Saved.
Hmm, never heard of it. What's it about?

2. Lies and The Lying Liars who lie...or something like that - the al franken book.
I asked for it for Christmas; if I don’t get it, I’ll buy it for myself.

3. Barenaked for the holidays (I'm sending it to you! I swear!).
Hee hee—don’t worry, Hon. Julie already sent it to me!

1. why are my new upstairs neighbors so loud?
Because they wear asshats and don’t know how to take them off.

2. what's your favorite holiday memory?
Oh man, you stumped me. I have one memory that’s by far not my favorite, but certainly one of the most memorable. It was the first Christmas my ex-husband and I spent with his family. It was abysmal. My mom called their house on Christmas day to say hey. When she asked how the day was, I replied, “Oh mom, it was simply lovely!” God bless my mom who knows me so well… She said, “Oh Honey, I’m so sorry!” Like I said, not a favorite, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.
3. what is Em getting for her birthday?
I bought her an Em-sized card table with two folding chairs. We’re going to set it up in the sewing room so she can play in there with me while I’m working.


From Riz:
A1. Danny Deckchair (if you can find it - Oz movie and it's quirky and fun).
I googled it—it looks wonderful! Around the corner from my house is the best video store ever. They have a tremendous selection of foreign films. I'll check for this one over the holidays.

A2. Jackdaws - Ken Follett.
Check; it’s on the list.

A3. Dumb Things by Paul Kelly ... good crazy song (you can download it from here It's 2.42M but worth it ;*)

B1. What are you most scared of?
Losing Emily.

B2. What's your favourite smell?
Depends on the memory attached to it. I love the smell of stew on a chilly evening. I love the smell of Emily in the morning. I don’t love the smell of jet fuel, but it always makes me smile anyway because it reminds me of flying to my dad’s house every summer.

B3. What's your earliest memory?
When I was 2 years old, we moved to Turkey. I have a number of memories from there, but I don’t know which order they go in. I shared them with my mom though, and based on her recollection, I think this is my earliest one: I remember lying in the back of our old Opal (it was a hatchback and I was ALL the way in the back). I think I had been asleep, but I remember clearly looking up out the window and seeing my dad fill up the gas tank. He saw me open my eyes and he smiled at me. I felt utterly cozy and loved at that moment.


From Kristin:
Movie: Oceans 12.
LOVED Oceans 11—both versions—and can’t wait to see this one!

Book: Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs.
Will do; sounds fascinating.

Music: Common Threads: Songs From The Eagles.
Oh yeah, I like the Eagles. That sounds good.

1.)What are your goals for 2005?
Help Emily learn better manners (that’s just ongoing), lose weight, and *finally* start training!

2.)What is your earliest memory as a child?
See B3 directly above…

3.)Where would you go on your dream vacation?
Back to Ireland—for 3 months at a stretch so I can take day or overnight trips from there to Scotland, Wales, and Northern England.


From Julie:
movie: Love, Actually. Warm and fuzzies for the holidays.
Oh, I love that movie. I just Tivo’d it the other night and I intend to watch it with my sisters when they both arrive next week. Excellent suggestion.

Book: White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Life as first and second generation foreigners in London. Great writing.
Ahh—given my penchant for England, that sounds like a wonderful suggestion.

Album: When My Heart Finds Christmas, Harry Connick, Jr. I sent it to you.
Hee hee! Thank you!!!

Questions:1)If a westbound train leaves New York at 60 mph and an eastbound train leaves Chicago at 75 mph, what are the chances that when they crash, cattle will be injured?
Well let’s see—are there any railroad tracks between Chicago and New York? ‘Cause you know, the more tracks there are, the less likely there will be cattle in the way. Also depends when they crash. Hmph. I’m gonna say there’s about a 28% chance of cattle injury.

2)If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
I would like to be happier at my job. Hey, whaddaya know? I’m in the process of changing that one thing right now!

3) Which do you prefer: Underwear or commando?
For me? Underwear. For my lovers, commando for sure! Easier access, dontcha know.


From Mike:
Movie: Ever see Election? w/M. Broderick & R. Witherspoon? Excellent.
Hmm, I don’t think I have, but I’ll put it on my list. I really like both of those actors.

Book: Too bad Em isn't a little older. The Lemony Snicket’s are great. You should read 'em if you haven't already.
Oh, believe me, as soon as I heard about them through Kate, I didn’t bother waiting for Em to be old enough. They’re HILARIOUS! After Em’s dad picks her up on the 24th, we’re going to see the movie.

Music: Rancid: And Out Come the Wolves. If you like the Clash, you'll like that one, too.
Promise? I love the Clash, so I’ll take your word for it & check that out.

Favorite food, drink?
Wow—that’s tough. Depends on my mood. I like meat a lot. And I like sweets. I also LOVE cheese: sharp cheddar, gouda, swiss, bleu, brie…. You name it.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink is easy. I like to mix ½ cup of ruby red grapefruit juice with a cup and a half of fresca. Mmmmmm.
Favorite alcoholic drink right now is a sour apple martini. I’m also quite fond of Cosmos and Champagne cocktails.

What were you like as a kid?
When I was very young, I was precocious and cute, I think my manners were decent, but SUCH a freaking drama queen. On road trips in the car, when my folks would sing “Clementine” I would just cry and cry. As a pre-teen and teenager (right about the time my folks divorced), I was a sassy, mean, back-talking bitch. I couldn’t stand any member of my family and couldn’t wait to escape. Uh, actually Mike, I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.

Who'd play you in the movie version of your life?
I’d love to see Janine Garafalo play me, but I think I’m flattering myself. I’m not sure—Kate, can you add a suggestion here?


From Celti:
1. The Incredibles.
Soon, I swear I’ll go see it soon!

2. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Read it, own it, love it.

3. Sarah McLachlan. I'm bringing her to KC and I swear I'll get you hooked.
Oh good! Do you have a CD player in your car?

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ah, this differs from what “did” I want to be when I grew up. Hmmm. I want to be satisfied with my life. Right now that means I want to become a trainer. I belong in a classroom. I’m comfortable there. I love sharing knowledge. If training doesn’t work out for me here, I think I’ll try teaching high school for a while.

2. Did you grow up in California and have you ever considered living somewhere else?
I did not grow up in California. I was born in New Orleans. When I was 2, we moved to Turkey. At 4, we moved to California. I stayed here (in 4 different towns) until I was 11, then we moved to Tucson, Arizona.

At 16, I moved back to California with my mom (Kate had already moved to Denver for art school and Teri opted to move in with our dad), but I SO hated where we were that the day after high school ended, I moved to Oregon. Unfortunately, Oregon was too rainy for me to cope with (I didn’t know at the time about our family history of seasonal depression), so I came back to California. I’ve been here ever since.

Lately, though, my mom and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Oregon again, but we won’t do anything until Kate’s husband is done with school. We wouldn’t even entertain the idea of moving that far from her unless she’s also willing to look at moving.

3. What is the price of beans in China?
Do they eat beans in China? I thought they just ate rice with tea?


From Dave:
1. Napoleon Dynamite - I laughed, I cried, I danced. I also voted for Pedro.
Okie dokie—I’ll have to check that out.

2. Captain Corelli's Mandolin - just finished reading and enjoyed it.
Only if it’s better than the movie (which was ok, but not great)

3. "I am a man of constant sorrow" from the O Brother, Where art Thou? soundtrack. Just watched that and loved the song...and the movie
Ah, now I have that song stuck in my head. It is a good song, no question about it.

1. Where would you go, or what would you do, for your dream holiday? Oh, asked already...
Yup, asked and answered.

1. Shag, short, or polished wood? ....floors!
Hee hee! Wood entry, kitchen, and hallway. White wool burber in my bedroom, multi burber in the living room. I’m not going to confess about the horrific carpet in the sewing room—we haven’t replaced it yet.

2. If you created your own language - how would you say, "I love you"?
With my hands. Take that as you wish. ;)

3. What do you think Emily meant by "this feels like God" ?
Would I flatter myself to think she meant she was utterly comfortable, peaceful, happy, and content? I hope not. It makes my heart sing to think of that moment. Thanks for the reminder.


From Inanna:
1. Black or white?
White tie on a black man,
black tie on a white man.
Black and tan in a pint glass,
white Russian in a shot glass
White flannel sheets,
black evening gown.
Want me to keep going?

2. Ocean or lake?
Lake for the day, ocean for life.

3. Male or female?
My heart doesn’t discriminate, it just depends on who steals it next.


Thank you all for playing along! A word of caution however, this was MUCH more work than I anticipated. Be ready for that if you decide to do part C.