Sunday, November 21, 2004


My mom went to Reno on Friday to visit with her brother and his wife (they live in Louisiana, but were out this direction for a conference). Last night when she got home, she was sitting and visiting with Tiffany and me and mentioned how much her brother is like their dad, my Papa. She commented on how surprising that was to her; she always thinks of Carl as more like her mom’s family (apparently he looks more like them?). Anyway, the weird thing was that after 37 years of having a Papa named “Carl”, I found out that his name was really Colojero. I’m sure that’s not spelled right. It made me wonder though how much more do I not know about the side of the family I’m closest to.

On to the real post—Tiffany (the bride from Oct 30th--sheesh, you better remember who she is by now) came over for dinner last night. We didn’t watch movies and no, we didn’t have any brownies either (special or otherwise), but we had a great time just hanging out together.

We talked about her wedding, my wedding, her family, my family, holiday plans, pictures, scrapbooks (next time, I’m going to make her look at mine, we just forgot last night), painting rooms (her husband doesn’t like the color yellow—who knew?!), doing house projects, how great it is to be home owners, and a myriad of other stuff.

AND... she brought presents! I'm not sure if I'm more thankful for the wonderful stuff (a great sewing box, some Mmmmmyummy hand soap and bubble bath, and a VERY nice pair of dressmaking shears), or more embarrassed that I acted like such a whiney baby. ((blush))

At about 8:30, we snuck out of the house and went to the fabric store. I bought materials to make Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel costumes for Em for Christmas, and she bought some beautiful gold mock-Chinese silk with a black-embroidered flower pattern for a holiday top. Yup, I’m making it for her (hee hee). We forgot the pattern at my house, so we purchased the material by memory--oops. We bought something like two times what we actually need, so we're thinking there should be enough leftover for a skirt, too.

[Aside, Celti, they still don’t have your pattern in stock, but I haven’t forgotten. I’ll have it by the time I come in January so we can shop for materials together, mkay?] [Oh, and Jamers, if you really want me to make you something, IM me and we’ll talk.]

Emily napped yesterday, despite my best efforts to keep her monkey-butt awake, so she ended up staying up with us until nearly 11:00. *yawn* She was mostly good, so it wasn’t much of an issue, though it’s hard to have “adult” conversations with an almost-four-year-old in the mix. Oh well. She really likes Tiff, as evidenced by the fact that she let Tiff give her a good-night kiss. Very sweet.

I’m sure I’m not capturing the essence of the evening very well, so I’ll sum up by saying this: I’m so glad I have my friend back and I’m looking forward to her next visit, the first weekend in December. Hi, Tiff—I love you.