Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Mini Post: Part Fairy

Is it safe to come out again? Ok, good.


I just can’t stay away. Got me some good Emily cuddles last night and am feeling much more human.

I have a project I have to finish today. I have 2 and a half hours to finish it, so of course I’m blogging instead. Sheesh.

Ok, here’s my short offering for today. It’s a cut/paste of an IM conversation I had with my sister about 20 minutes ago:

Kate: My son just told me that I have the soul of a fairy, that's why I'm such a good artist

Me: OH MY GOD! Did that make you cry? That's the single nicest thing I've ever heard, Kate!

Kate: He says if that's the case then one of my parents is a full fairy and that means you and Teri [our younger sister] have some too

Me: I think it's mom...

Kate: It was really beautiful

Me: Tell him I said huge thanks!

Kate: I told him and he said "well it's the truth."

Me: Thanks, I needed to hear something that happy today.

Ok, back to work. Thanks for making up, everyone. I’m ready to have this behind me.