Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mini Post: Good Job

Our company was acquired by another company 3 times the size. It’s been in the works since May. This morning was the shareholder meeting—as of midnight tonight, it’s official.

My department is being split up. Right now, we have technical publications, course development, and training all together. Under the new company, these are three separate divisions. The split was announced to us yesterday. Everyone knew what that meant for themselves except for me. I mean, they all know if they’re writers, course developers, or trainers, but I’ve been in flux—in Limbo-Hell—for nine months, so I had no idea where they were going to put me.

I decided last night that if they kept me with the writers, I’d give it to the end of first quarter next year but then I’d start looking for a new job. Ugh. I hate being a technical writer!

This morning, 10 minutes after the shareholder meeting, the new org charts were released. Guess what, my friends? I’m a Trainer!

Woo Hooooo!