Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gritchy Grouchy

The heater is finally working and Kimberly and her boyfriend put in tons and tons of work into our front yard helping dig a path from the sidewalk to the door. That's the good news for the day.

The movie "The Polar Express" is as good as the book, but way more frightening for little kids than I would have expected.

The TV stand I put together is beautiful, but the drill holes on the matching bookshelves are too small, so this is turning into a MUCH more labor-intensive project than I signed up for.

My mom absolutely has to get her own computer set up soon--sharing mine is starting to make me crazy (she logs off my screen and onto hers without letting me see if she's deleting any Yahoo messages that may have come in while I wasn't at the computer. If it seems I've been ignoring you, that's why).

If you see a post that says "*NOTE ~ Bush-bashing ahead. If you don't like it, turn back now.*" and you still read it, I think you have absolutely no recourse for complaining about the content of the post. Free speech is our right though, so if you do decide somewhere in your teeny brain that you're making the right decision by slamming the blog author who gave you notice of the content ahead of time, be ready to be ostracized and/or slammed right back. Fucking idiot.

I have a BIG way today, and everyone seems to be in it.