Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mini Post: Good Stuff, and Need Your Help (Updated)

I’ve had a very active dream life lately! I had a dream last night that my mom and I entered a raffle and for a $5.00 ticket, we won a $50,000 trip. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

So I took 2-1/2 months off work and we went to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, in that order. Spent only a week in Wales, but two weeks in each of the other countries.

It was such an incredible dream! Man, I wish it was true. I want to go back so desperately.


I got a present in the mail yesterday. It wasn’t a surprise receiving the package, but the contents were. I got a box—about 5” by 5” square, and about 4” tall, decorated (like decoupage only prettier) with all sorts of beautiful Celtic knot-work, mostly crosses. Inside the box was a triple-strand beaded necklace in my favorite dark-ocean colors, with black and clear beads periodically drawing the three strands back together. I wish I could describe it better. I’m wearing it now and it’s beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you Celti! You are a gem among women. :)

Here is a picture of the necklace!

So now I want to make something for Celti that will be as cool. I’ve had a couple of ideas, but nothing stellar. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Here are some basic parameters (not limiting, just as starting points): I sew, I cross-stitch, and I knit but I do not crochet.

Ok, toss some Celti ideas my direction you guys. I want to have something decided by Thanksgiving so I can get it done & to her by Christmas. Woo Hoo!