Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mini Post: Good Day

Today I’m wearing a sleeveless black sheath dress with a short-waisted, short-sleeved jacket over it. It’s not spectacular and it’s not my favorite dress, but it’s cool and comfortable (it’s going to be over 90 today, so cool was in order).

I was outside with a friend a bit ago and caught a reflection of myself in the plate-glass door. I’m having a good hair day today. I didn’t pull it back into a clip until after it was completely dry, so I have these crazy curls spilling out all around my head and shoulders. People pay lots of money for hair like mine. Man, I'm so lucky!

And my calves and ankles look good. I tend to be hyper-critical of myself (who doesn’t?), but at least I have nice calves, thin ankles, and high arches. Plus, my toes still look good from the last pedicure, even though it was more then 2 weeks ago.

Then, just to top it off, I saw my dress brush the curve of my hip as I was walking back inside. I have amazing hips. Amazing. My body was made to bear children. What an irony than I had such a hard time with my only one and can’t have any more. But suddenly, for a moment anyway, none of that matters, because today I LOOK GOOD!