Monday, October 11, 2004

Mini Post: Em's School

Eric and I each took Friday off work so we could spend the day with Emily at her new school. She can’t enroll there until she’s 4 yrs and 9 months old (next September), but the administrators have invited us to come hang out every so often until then so that she’ll be comfortable there by the time her enrollment comes ‘round.

We had a great day; I can’t wait for her to be there full-time! It’s a non-traditional school, which thrills me. Feel free to check it out, but if you disagree with the philosophy, I don’t really want to know. This is what we’ve chosen and it’s not open for debate. (So there!)

Work has gone from nothing to insanely busy, so please pardon me if I seem to be ignoring my blogging duties. It’s lack of time only, not lack of love.

So much to say; no time right now. I hope to be back soon.

xoxoxo to everyone.