Friday, October 22, 2004

Kansas City, Here We Come

Ok, here’s the scoop: A bunch of us are talking about getting together in Kansas City, MO on (or around) the weekend of January 15th.

So far Katey, Pup, Celti, and I are the only ones committed (though the date is not firm). We’d love, love, love for others to join us! The sooner I know how many people we can get, the more likely I’ll be able to contact a hotel and get us a group rate. We can also talk about sharing rooms if anyone is interested in saving money.

As of now, our tentative plan is for me to fly into Des Moines on Thursday evening. Friday morning, Celti and I will drive to KC together. We’ll have all day Friday & Saturday to play, then we’ll drive back to Des Moines on Sunday so I can fly home that afternoon/evening. I’m not sure when KtP plans to fly in and out or how many days she wants to take off work, so I may adjust my plans (though I think I’m the only one whose travel time will suck up an entire day).

I can’t remember where everyone lives, but if you’re close enough to travel with relative ease, please consider joining us (ahem, Jamie, Bunsen, & Ang). The more bloggers we have, the more fun we’ll have!