Thursday, September 30, 2004

Saturday Night

I forgot that I had promised you guys an email about my weekend in San Jose. Well, you got the best part of the weekend, when I got to meet Leese, but I was going to tell you about the night before that.

Eric and his brother went to an Earthquakes game. What is it with soccer? Is that a year-round sport? I swear to you, every single time we go to San Jose, there’s a game. So not only does it seem to be year-round, but it also seems to always be a “home” game. Go figure. Soccer freaks, both of ‘em. Cracks me up.

Anyway, in the spirit of family (which I’m not, but they treat me as if I am), Eric’s parents and his grandmother (his mom’s mom) took me, Emily, Tracy, Riley & Kelly out for dinner. Tracy is Eric’s brother’s wife; Riley & Kelly are their kids. Great kids. I should write about them sometime. But not right now.

Tracy is… I’m not sure what to say… she’s so much fun, she’s so nice, she’s a blast to hang out with, she’s not crass or crude, but she’s also not 100% politically correct. In a nutshell, she’s a really neat gal and I enjoy her company a lot. But she is Tom’s wife. That doesn’t mean anything unless you know Tom. I love her anyway.

After dinner, I took Em to the not-my-in-laws house, tucked her in bed, grabbed a 6-pack of Smirnoff Ice, and headed over to Tracy’s. By the time I arrived, the kids were both in bed, so she and I popped open the booze, grabbed the smokes, and headed out to the back patio to drink, smoke & dish the gossip.

About an hour after I got there, her friend Stephanie came over. I’ve known most of Tom & Tracy’s friends vicariously through them for more than 4 years now, but I don’t know many of them very well. Steph is one of the few who remembers me from one visit to the next, so it was cool when she joined us.

An hour or so later, the boys came home, bringing 3 more guys with them, and started a poker game. Girls outside drinking, smoking, and chatting; boys inside drinking & playing cards. Texas hold ‘em. Made me think of Jay—just ‘cause of the Texas reference.

When it was Eric’s turn to pick the CD, he jokingly put on The Best of Kenny Rogers. Tracy, Steph and I asked them to change it and all the boys—ALL FIVE of these poker-playing “I can drink more than you can” boys—hollered “NO!”

I nearly pissed myself laughing at the sight & sound of five grown men playing poker, tipping back their beer bottles, and singing, “Lady, I’m your knight in shining armor, and I love you”.

Freaking hilarious!


I’m taking tomorrow off work and my computer at home is still acting up, so if I’m not around, fear not that I have deserted you! I’ll be back on Monday morning.

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you all again for indulging my mood yesterday. Much love to you.