Monday, September 20, 2004

Mini Post: Randomness

I ought to be working, but I just can’t get into it today. I have seven different projects out waiting for review and no one is answering my emails. Grrrrr. So instead of finding more work to occupy my day, I’m writing for my blog.


My mom and I are refinancing our house. It occurred to us late last week that we’re not going to have a mortgage payment due on October 1st. So we did what any responsible adults would do—we spent the money on other stuff.

The first major expenditure was a day long trip to Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California. My mom, Emily, my sister Kate, her husband, their 2 children, and I rented a van and drove to Marine World on Saturday. We got there around noon-ish and stayed until the park closed at 8:00pm. There were a couple of stressful moments (when aren’t there with three kids in tow?), but truly it was a fantastic day! And the best part is that Mom and I were able to pay for everything for everyone. That makes me very happy!

The second one, which we spent all day Sunday looking for, is new bedroom furniture for Emily. She wants a bunk bed, but I’m skeptical. I can’t get up there to change the sheets, and whatever we get needs to last a while; we’re still looking.


My department is hiring a new trainer. Interviews are this week. Each interview is in 4 stages: A phone interview, a training session, a writing session, and a sit-down interview. A candidate only gets to move from one stage to the next if the ENTIRE team (16 people) decide s/he is worthy of the position. The training & writing sessions take an hour each. This morning, we had a guy come in for a training session (we have another one scheduled this afternoon). He “trained” us each how to make paper rockets. Sounds silly, but we’re looking for specific classroom skills to be demonstrated and that covered him. After building our rocket, we took notes on how it flew, if trajectory was off, etc., then built another one each. Then we had a contest. Out of 16 people, my rocket was the only one to hit the target. I won a gift card to Starbucks. :) I love Starbucks!


Sheesh—I can’t even get into blogging today. Alrightie then. Back to you folks later. Have a good week.