Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Mini Post: Memorial

Emily’s goldfish died yesterday. She was very upset at the idea of flushing him, so we buried him instead. She wanted to put him in her bed with a blanket and “abra-two-dabra” him back to life. I explained to her that once a thing is dead, you can’t magic it back, but she assured me she had the power. I didn’t let her try though ‘cause I couldn’t abide the thought of a dead fish in her bed. Ugh.

She buried it in the back yard garden last night in a cupcake-paper container (we couldn’t find another box it would fit in), said a little prayer, “God, take care of Mr. Orange Fish. Oh, I mean PLEASE”, then sang him a song (“Daisy, Daisy”, one of the only songs she knows all the words to). It was kind of sad, but also very sweet. She’s learning about life and death, but the comprehensive ability of a 3-1/2 year old is a funny thing.

When she was done crying and singing, she asked for a Guinea Pig.