Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mini Post: Dream

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that my eyeteeth were bleeding. Well, not really my teeth, but the gums. And not bleeding like sometimes gums bleed a little when brushing, more like gushing blood the way a broken nose bleeds. Lots and lots of blood coming from the gums around my eyeteeth.

Last night, I finally remembered to look up the significance in my roommate’s dream book. I forgot to bring the book to work with me this morning, so I can’t write exactly what it says, but here’s my summary:

Blood: Life force. Loss of blood: loss of or diminishment of life force; feeling like you’re being drained of energy & life. See “Chakras” and specific body part.

Chakras: Listed all the chakras. Closest one to teeth is the throat chakra, which corresponds to inability to communicate, articulate needs.

Teeth: Very similar to chakra; inability to verbalize.

I forgot to look up "eyes", but I would guess that because it was specifically my eyeteeth that were bleeding, there is probably some minor significance there. Anyone know what it is?

So what’s happening in my world that is draining me of my life force and that I’m unable to articulate (and unable to see it maybe?)?

I guess if I knew what it was, I’d be able to see it and communicate it, huh?