Sunday, August 22, 2004

Things I/We Did This Weekend

1. I re-covered all the dining room chairs; they look good, but I have 3 blisters on my right hand now. Ouch.

2. Jessica (roommate) found Emily's Pumpkin hat--it's so cute and she's been wearing it all day.

3. I worried about Vader a lot. Her comments were gone last time I checked. Has anyone heard from her? Is she ok?

4. Mom and Eric painted the sides of the house (we did the back the weekend before last and will finish the front & all trim on Labor Day weekend). It's lookin' GOOD!

5. Emily discovered the difference between "cumcummers" (cucumbers) and zucchinis. She doesn't like uncooked zucchini. Heehee!

6. I remembered that my mom makes the BEST pizza ever. Yummmm.

7. I took an unwanted vacation from bloggsville. For some reason, it's just been impossible to get "my turn" at the computer this weekend. I've missed you guys.

8. Jessica and I teased Eric about only needing him for his "tools". I learned that we've finally reached a point where I can tease him again like this without him getting pissed off (or at least I can if there's another person in the room teasing, too).

9. I altered a bridesmaid dress for a co-worker and started making the first bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding (you know, the one at the end of October in Vegas--anyone remember that? We're supposed to meet in Vegas in a couple of months!).

10. I flirted with a guy in the grocery store. I haven't flirted with anyone in person in a long, long time, but practicing here, and getting positive feedback, has encouraged me. It was fun! :)

By the way, it is only a pulled muscle (and don't I feel like an over-reacting goofhead!), and I'm starting to feel much, much better.