Friday, August 20, 2004

"OUCH!" (or, "10 Things That Make Vicodin Rock")

1. Ok, so I got this cold last week, but I couldn't take any time off work because I was in training,

2. so it got worse. Then I went to my sisters house for the weekend, which was so fun, except that I ended up getting a fever & chills on Saturday night,

3. which wasn't so fun. On Wednesday, when the cold had turned into a very, very bad cough, I finally went to see my doctor. I have bronchitis, but am (was?) very close to pneumonia, so

4. she gave me the rest of the week off work to rest. Which is great in theory, except that

5. my daughter's daycare is closed this week, so she's home with me. So much for rest. Actually, she's really worried about Mommy because

6. Mommy can't play. It's not just the cough; now I have this incredibly sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. I mean SHARP. So I called my doctor again

7. and she thinks it's either appendicitis (which I don't think it is), or an ovarian cyst (which it might be).

8. I've spent much of today in labs having bloodwork, etc. done, and

9. will be going back again in an hour to have a sonogram. If it's a cyst, they'll know immediately. I have no idea what comes next. Will letcha know, if I can get near a keyboard.

10. In the mean time, my wonderful Doctor suggested I take Vicodin for the pain, so I did. About an hour and a half ago. Now I'm Loooooopppyyy high on the stuff and quite frankly I feel better! Well, not that much better, but at least I can sit up now.

So, my apologies to all my friends out there for sounding like such a hypochondriac. This will end soon, I'm sure, and I'll be back to my bitchy, goofy self. :)

Have a good weekend, everyone. Much love.... xoxoxo