Tuesday, August 17, 2004

More things you don't care about

1. Emily is going to get "big girl" panties this week because she has successfully potty trained herself in less than 5 days.

2. I love, love, love to scrapbook, but I forgot to take one single picture of my niece's 7th birthday party this weekend.

3. I'm insanely jealous of my sister's artistic abilities (including photography).

4. More than once, I have picked up the phone to call one of you only to remember that I don't actually KNOW most of you!

5. I have a 3-foot light-up plastic goose named Gladys in my family room. It used to belong to Kate when she was in college in Denver. I don't know how I ended up with it, but I'm glad I have it.

6. I like brussel sprouts.

7. I HATE tomatoes, pickles, cauliflower, cabbage, and bell peppers. Oh, there's plenty more things I hate, too, but those top the list.

8. I'm terribly allergic to mushrooms and spinach, but I like spinach so much that sometimes I eat it anyway.

9. I'm no longer in love with Emily's father and sometimes I wish he'd just mail me a check once a month and stay out of our lives, but he's very good to her, so we have him over for dinner once or twice a week so they may have play time together.

10. My salary has doubled since Emily was born. Same company, same job. Lots more money. I'm not complaining!

11. I've been in Weight Watchers for 2 1/2 years. In the last 6 months, I've gained back Everything I lost in the first 2 yrs. I have no clothes that fit me now and it makes me very, very angry at myself.

12. I'm excited about my upcoming trip to Vegas, but I'm nervous about meeting Pup. I'm sure, however, it's going to be fine. How's that for a mixed message?

13. I write for a living, but I never feel like I get to write enough. I always have more to say, though I fear I'll begin to repeat myself and end up sounding like one of those old ladies who tells the same damn story over and over and over.

14. I have a crush on some Bloggers. Yeah, multiple of you. But one in particular more than others.

15. Emily speaks so well now I'm beginning to forget all the cute stuff she used to say when she was first learning how to talk.

16. Every few months I decide I'm going to keep a journal. It never lasts more than a month or so. This blog has outlasted all my journal attempts. Thank you all for your continued interest; it keeps me coming back.

17. I think the number 7 is cool. I have a 7 in my address, my birthdate, and my office phone number. My ex-husband had no 7's in his world. That musta been the problem.

18. Since I left my ex, I have done the following cool things (all of which we wanted to do together, but none of which ever came to fruition): (a) had a baby, (b) bought a Volvo station wagon, (c) bought my own house, and (d) doubled my paycheck.

19. It makes me sad sometimes to realize any or all of you could drop out of my life as quickly as you dropped in and I'd never know how to reconnect with you because I don't really know who you are.

20. I really, really, really want to have a blog-party meeting. Somewhere we can all come together to meet each other for a long weekend. And I don't want ANYONE to miss it!

Bonus item: I think Sloth and Daddy Sloth would make a cute couple; it bothers me that they live an entire continent apart and their lives are such that they can't leave their current homes to be with each other. I think we should start a fund to raise money so they can have a trip to Alaska together. Baby Sloths. That would be cool. 'Nuff said.