Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mini Post: Rant

I Fucking Hate people sometimes.

Someone tried to install something on my computer this weekend while I was gone, and I haven't been able to get onlline since then.

FUCK!!!!! I fucking hate it when people fuck with my computer! God Damnit! Because I'm the one who gets stuck spending FUCKING HOURS!!!!! trying to fix it! God Damn!

And my mom (who, if you don't remember, owns the house with and lives with me) is going to ride my fucking ass for EVER until it's fixed! And while Iim trying to fix it, she'll be calling me from the kitchen asking for help with some fucking other thing. Mother Fucking God Fucking Damn It!!!

I want to put a gigantic padlock on my computer with a huge sign that says "DON'T GOD DAMN TOUCH MY FUCKING COMPUTER!!!"

I'm so tired of this bullshit. Seriously, I'm about 2 seconds away from crying. We've been in this house for almost a year and I still haven't been able to make the printer work since we moved. But would mom bother to take the time when she's AT HOME to figure it out? Oh no, that's all on me--in my "Free Time"--which ISN'T free!

There are these random programs all over my fucking computer. People are constantly downloading shit. I share my computer with Mom (for some unknown reason...) and with Emily, who just hits buttons with total disregard. Oh wait, I know why I share it with Mom... because she can't figure out how to make her wireless network card work... so THAT's my problem TOO!!!! I am NNNNOOOOTTTT a computer tech! I don't know any more than she does about it. Why oh why oh why is this all ON ME???!!!

If it's not patently obvious, this is a HUGE stress issue for me. I hate computers in our house. I hate them all!

And I keep forgetting that our answering machine isn't plugged in, but I've replaced the powerstrip. Are there not two other adults in the house who could bend over & plug the mother-fucker in? How come everything along those lines has to be my responsibility, and then why am I the one who is called selfish or thoughtless? God Damnit. Sometimes I just want to move out. Get a nice little 2-bedroom bungalow with Emily and KNOW that if anything happens, it's my fault, but at least I'll be the one who did it....

ShitFuck. If today doesn't get any better, I'm going to throw my computer out the window.