Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Decisions, decisions....

I want a vacation. I need a vacation! I’m tired of the daily daily-ness and I want to take a break.

My mom’s 50th High School reunion is in October, but she hasn’t decided yet if she’s going to go. If she does, I’ll go with her. That means a long weekend (Thurs through Mon) in Kansas City, Missouri, but it also means bringing the wee-one along. Hmmm. Besides, she hasn’t decided yet if she’s going. Oh, the indecision is killing me!

If we go, I’m going to see if Celti will drive down to meet us. It’s only 3-1/2 hrs from her house, and since I’ll have my monkey, she can bring hers along, too (they’re only a couple months apart). Or not. Either way, I do hope I get the chance to meet her soon…. And you, Pup. I won’t forget you. Though I’m going to see you before that in Vegas—this Saturday, in fact; Woo Hoo!

Have I mentioned that in the last few weeks Celti and I have become quite good friends? It surprises me that I have found someone SO much like me in so many ways, but it’s a good and happy surprise. I only wish we lived closer together. Thank god for Blog, hey? ;)

Ok then, if we don’t go to KC, or if Mom decides to go without me, I think I’m going to go see my Aunt Bev in Boston. I’ve never been there and would love, love, love to see some of our history (especially since the book I’ve been reading is in a section all about the Civil War). If I do that instead, I’m going to bring Celti with me. It wouldn’t be as fun alone, my sisters either won’t or can’t travel right now, and sometimes we just have to take trips without our moms around!

So there it is. I’ll keep you posted as our plans progress. It’s either going to be Boston in late September or Kansas City in mid-October.

Woo Hoo! Road Trip!