Thursday, August 26, 2004

Boo Hoo; Feelin' Blue

I’m feeling very blue today. I have absolutely no idea why; I have no reason. My sister & her kids are up for a visit, which is always nice. Kate and I got some “sister” time this morning before the kids woke up and before I left for work, and that was pleasant (though she has my cold now—I’m sorry, Kate!). I’m going to Las Vegas with 2 friends tomorrow, which should also be a lot of fun. I just saw my Doc and got an excellent report from her, so that’s good. Celti and I had a few giggles on the IM this morning, and that’s always fun. I finally got resolution on an issue here at the office, so that should make my life easier in the upcoming weeks.

And yet… I don’t know. I’m just blue.