Wednesday, August 18, 2004

10 Ways that Kate and I are Different and the Same

More lists. These are fun (and easy).

10 Ways That Kate and I are Different:

1. Kate doesn’t own many kitchen gadgets, but she’s a fabulous cook. I’m obsessed with kitchen gadgets, but I don’t cook often.

2. She has fewer friends than I do, but they are closer friends. When she gives a party not very many people show up, but they’re all people who really, really love her. When I give a party loads of people show up, but most of them are just casual acquaintances.

3. We look similar, but she’s four inches taller than I am and doesn’t have curly hair. Plus, her boobs aren’t nearly as big as mine (hee hee!). We both wear glasses, but I’ve never worn contact lenses. We both have our papa's hands. Our noses are the same. Our mouths used to be the same until I had a bike accident.

4. She has a two children, I only have one.

5. She has less money than I do. She used to have more money, but we've always shared our good fortune with each other.

6. I’m divorced and very happy about that; she’s happily married.

7. She uses her bread machine almost every day (night actually); I rarely use mine.

8. She claims that I watch more tv than she does, but I’m not sure if that’s true since I’ve started blogging! It used to be the other way around when we were younger.

9. Her bedrooms have always been more artistic than mine.

10. She lived by herself for years and was happy with that. I’ve always been afraid to live alone, so I never did until about 4 years ago. Neither of us live alone anymore.

10 Ways That Kate and I are Similar:

1. We both love reading, and we usually love the same books.

2. We both love good coffee (though our definition of “good” is different).

3. Neither of us has been to Thailand, though our younger sister has been there.

4. We both spend too much time blogging; we are blog-whores!

5. We both love watching movies, and we usually love the same movies.

6. She is my best friend and I am hers.

7. Our favorite Sunday morning activity is sitting on the back patio with a cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, and a crossword puzzle.

8. We have lived together 3 times in our lives, twice as adults. We each got the master bedroom once.

9. In college, we had all the same friends; we don’t know any of them anymore, except for Kate’s husband.

10. We dated and lived with brothers for a while. And we supported the boys during that time. Kate is still in touch with her ex; mine is my ex-husband, so I just try to avoid him now.