Monday, July 26, 2004

Work Sucks

Sometimes I hate people.  I like my job, really I do, but when I’m learning a new process (having only been in this dept a few months) there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

I completed a new course last week and was getting ready to release it this morning.  The guy teaching the class, Scot, came to me & asked if I would wait until next Monday because he’s catching some typos (damn!).  Of course, I agreed that I could wait, so I followed up with this email to the instructor, his boss, my boss, and my “writing mentor” (the person specifically assigned to teach me the processes here):

“Scot is using the materials this week and has already found some typo-s. He has requested that we not ECO it until the class is over and I've had a chance to make one last round of revisions (probably Monday).

We all still understand that another Rev. will be necessary, but we'd like the first one to be as error-free as possible.”
The ONLY response I received was from my writing mentor, the one person on that email chain who has NO authority to make the call.  She wrote,

“You have lost revision control of this course. Our policy has been that customers get content that has been documented as production ready, pilot, or marked as DRAFT.

Since you now have distributed two different sets of Rev 1s and you are about to ECO a third (and different) Rev 1 to customers, there is no revision control.

I would strongly urge that you freeze the content “as is”, release it in Agile, and then make subsequent changes in REV 2. You can  foodle around with this material and make changes forever but you are undermining the Department’s ability to manage what we send to customers.

Release the material, warts and all, then start the next revision.”

Ok, well, first of all, I’ve not given ANYTHING to my customers, I have no idea where she’s getting the idea that I’ve distributed two different sets already.  Dang.  Secondly, what the hell is “foodle”?  Seriously.  Third, this isn’t even supposed to be my fucking project to begin with!  I was asked to make some red-line revisions.  I do not have the tenure to release an entire course.  Somewhere along the way, someone in management decided that the course developer who had started this project was not doing a good enough job and it should be turned over to me.  Grrr….

Damnit.  I was So Pissed when I read that reply.  It felt like a personal attack, and frankly, that’s just not fair.  After sitting on it for a while, I managed to pull my head together and sent back the follow (suck-up) response,

“Understood and agreed. 

I'm getting conflicting feedback though, so I need one person to give me the final answer on what to do.  Scot was clear on his wishes.

Since John's is my formal manager, I'd will defer to his decision.”

God I hate having to be obsequious.  Makes me feel dirty.  Ugh.

No reply from either of the bosses.  Damnit.

Back to work.  :(