Friday, July 16, 2004

My Sisters--The Older One

My older sister is incredible.
Somehow, some way, she manages to hold together a family of four in California on a single income (and believe me when I tell you, her husband's job at a non-profit does NOT bring him a big salary!).
Her children are beautiful, smart, creative, well spoken, and funny.  Some of that is innate, but I believe most of it has to do with their extraordinary mother; her philosophy and her style.
She is an artist.  A gifted, talented photographer, painter, story-teller.  She is an artist in the kitchen as well.  She bakes bread EVERY DAY so her family can have the best (in fact, her husband once commented that he knew she loved him because she makes him sandwiches for lunch every day on home made bread--he calls them Love Sandwiches).  She cans food every summer and fall.  She makes her own strawberry and olallaberry jams.  Martha Stewart only WISHES she could be half as creative as my sister!
I like to talk to her every day; when I can't, my days do not feel complete.  She offers me guidance and advice on everything from how to deal with one of Mom's moods (though she doesn't have many bad-mood days, thank god!), to trimming my plants, to raising my daughter.
She is my inspiration.   I strive to be half the woman she is and know when I get there I'll still be twice the woman most women are.
She is my best friend.
And the very best part of it--she's visiting me for a WHOLE WEEK and we get to have a party tomorrow!
Oh, life is good....