Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I feel like crying

It's July 6th and the northern hemisphere is supposed to be lovely, warm, and summerish, yet it's overcast and chilly right now. Not that chilly sort of "at the beach" feeling that comes in late August evenings, but chilly like it's gonna rain.

This is my escape. This is where I like to come to be a version of me who my co-workers, parents, closest friends, and child don't know. I'm still me, 100%, but a sort of unedited me. I trust you all do more or less the same thing and know what I'm talking about.

I don't want to get into REAL shit here. I like getting to know people through recountings of lifes adventures, be they good or bad. But for Christ's sake, as soon as we start arguing politics, I truly want to cry. One of my favorite sites is a hotbed argument of left vs right. I make no secret about my political leanings, but you know, that's not why I'm here. And I'm willing to bet that's not why you came here either. Damnit.

I'm seriously wondering how many days I'll have to spend away from that haunt before it feels like a safe place to go back to. I'm so, oh, I don't know... disappointed, I guess. I thought perhaps in this imaginary world we could all transcent politics. Maybe we did for as long as is possible; maybe we've reached the end of the honeymoon. That's so sad. It makes me long for something I feel like I never quite had. It makes me feel like crying.

I was going to post another chapter in the story tonight, but I don't feel like putting myself out like that, lest the political argument finds its way over here. God forbid.