Saturday, July 17, 2004

Beep Beep--Follow Up

My brother in law arrived last evening to join us for the weekend.  I asked him if he wouldn't mind getting into the crawl space to find that incessant beeping.  It's been going on (every 38 seconds, my sister tells me) for about a month now.  Remember in my first "Beep Beep" post how I explained that I took the smoke detector out of the house, but the beep stayed in the hallway?  Oy, we were going frigging crazy!
So he climed up in the crawlspace.  Found a Playboy from 1975, and a few other things.  But didn't find the beep.  Dang.
About 10 minutes later, he walked into the kitchen where I was sitting with my mom, dad, sister, niece and daughter.  He was holding a smoke detector!  I craned my neck around to look out the backdoor; I was sure I had left that damn thing outside on the patio table.  Yup, there it was.  Where did this interloper come from?  What's this *extra* detector for and where has it been hiding all this time?! 
Oh my shame and embarrassment, it was on top of the filing cabinet.  We took it down from the family room when we painted (cough--9 months ago...) and never put it back up.  On top of the filing cabinet in the hallway.  Totally within reach. Didn't even need a step-stool to reach it.  There are THREE adults living in this house; we lived with that for a freaking MONTH because we couldn't find it, and there it was, an arms-length away.  Sigh.  Gawd do we feel like idiots!
Thank god that beep is finally gone.  We all slept better last night. 
You have my permission to laugh at me