Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bad Habits

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon at work from my old boss.  In September, it’ll be seven years since we’ve seen each other, but we talk on the phone on a semi-regular basis.  Most of our phone calls consist of “this isn’t a good time, can I call you back?”, but every so often, we actually get a chance to catch up.

He has six children, five of whom I really like (the other one is just too much of a handful for me), and he has a wife who, well, he knows how I feel about her.  I’ll be succinct here and just say she’s a shrew-bitch.  Then again, I’m not married to her, so I don’t get to see the other sides—only what she shows in public (hmm, would that be your choice of face to put on for the world?  Yeah, mine neither. Whatever).

So we talked.  It was nice.  I miss him.  I wouldn’t be fair to say he was the best boss I’ve ever had, though he’s certainly near the top of the list (aside: I’ve been REALLY lucky in that most of my bosses have been pretty cool people).  He was, however, without question, the most fun boss I’ve ever had.  He and I ran the office; aside from us, there was the owner of the company and the 16 or 18 worker-bees out in the field.  It was a rare event when more than he and I were in the office together.  Shall I be coy and let you guess, or should I be forthright with the bad habit?

Ok, ok, I’ll be forthright. 


I don’t remember how it started, but I believe it was a Friday. Something about Fridays always makes me a little more randy; a little more likely to tell the off-colored joke or to drop the not-so-subtle innuendoes.  So one Friday, after a few months (?) of casual flirting, he was in the owner’s office editing a blueprint or something and I was cleaning the office for the weekend (emptying garbage, vacuuming, etc.).  Oh geez, I don’t even remember the sequence of events.  It probabaly started with something like "Guess what I'm not wearing under my skirt?" But it ended up with him swiping everything off the owner’s desk—yeah, just like in the movies—and us doin’ the deed right there in Mr. Boss-Man’s office. 

Bad habits.  I have a bad habit of doing stuff like this with my bosses.  Shit.  It’s like I’m a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Have I mentioned that I have a teensy little crush on my current boss? I have had for a number of years.  When he told me last week that his wife left him, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I cried with him. I held his hand and let him talk for about an hour.  I invited him over to dinner last night and he brought his grandma with him.  She’s a neat woman!  Where am I going with this?  It’s one thing to have a fling with your boss when you are the only 2 people in the office, but in a company of 4000, it’s a bit more dangerous.  Well, not that he’s necessarily interested anyway, but it makes for decent fantasies.  :)

Ok kids, get back to work. I’ll talk to you later.